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Yes... I'll SHARE our Proven Successful Plan to show you how you can LOSE weight QUICKLY the HEALTHY way... and KEEP IT OFF for good! 
Losing weight is hard. 

Every Sunday night you think "Tomorrow I'll start. This is the week I'll do it."   Then you find yourself right back where you started a few days later.  
(I know from first hand experience.) 

The truth is... all of the things you've tried in the past haven't worked for a reason!  They weren't showing you what you really needed to know to lose weight & keep it off. 

If you keep trying what you've tried in the past, you will keep getting the same results. 

It can be hard to lose weight, but even harder to keep the weight off this way. 

I understand.  We've been there. 

It's NOT your fault. 
Do you feel like you always end up back where you started? 

Do you feel uncomfortable in your 
own skin?

Do you feel like you... 
  • lack energy? 
  • don't have time to stick to it?   
  • haven't found anything that works? 
  • wish weight loss came easily?
  • always gain the weight back?
  • dread trying on clothes and getting dressed to go anywhere? 
  • have a hard time figuring out what to do & what not to do in order to lose weight?
  • feel unsupported or alone in your journey? 
You've tried it before but it always ends the same... 
when you try to lose the weight, you always end up gaining it back in the end.  

You never knew exactly HOW to reach your goal.  You weren't told where to begin... and what to do next?   

You weren't taught how to go beyond the basics, beyond the general "eat healthy and workout" advice... and onto the REAL SOLUTION that works. 
Life Happens
As a work-at-home mom of four kids, I know how life can get in the way of our personal goals.  We try to eat well, but we want to cook for our families, too.  We want to workout, but we don't have the time.  I get it.  I'm there, too. 
It is Confusing... and it can be expensive. 
We are giving so many different ways to lose weight and it makes it hard to pick the right one.   They are expensive, confusing and they don't have long-term success ratings. 

 It's not your fault.  Those diet plans you've tried in the past don't work.  
We need SPECIFICS... I know because I've tried the rest & then I learned what ACTUALLY works. 
When it's all a guessing game of "what to eat" and "when to eat" and "how much to eat", it's hard to see yourself succeed.   It seems impossible to plan when it's all left up in the air... it becomes a guessing game. 

We're told to just "eat mindfully", but if we were all successful at eating mindfully, we would never have gained weight to begin with. :) 
So, instead, I will show you EXACTLY what to eat.   Exactly what works. I leave nothing up to chance, nothing in the air.  

Instead, I needed specifics, so I am giving YOU specifics.  
I needed direction, so I am giving YOU direction.   
I needed "Do exactly this and you will lose ten pounds,"  so I am giving you the same thing!  

That is how our minds operate.   We don't want to leave it up to chance again... we need a plan, and we need a plan that WORKS.   
After trying everything else, we've finally figured out the missing piece of the puzzle..

...the solution, the result of all this trial and error, weight gain and weight loss, high energy and low energy, and now...

you I am on a mission to help others just like you!
Let me tell you a story... 
I want to share my husband's story with you because when you are on the outside looking in... it's amazing to see the change. 

In college, he was an athlete: a football player always working out.   When college ended, the weight slowly came on.   Before long, he had gained 30, 40, 50 pounds.... 

He was tired all the time.   
He had headaches. 
His back hurt.  His knees hurt.
His mood would fluctuate often and his attitude was getting worse with the weight he was putting on. 

When he first started looking for a solution, he felt like all of the cards were stacked against him.  Nothing worked.   

He ate MORE because he felt hopeless. 

If you've ever seen the AUSTIN POWERS comedy movie, you might remember how a character has an emotional breakdown and says:

 “I eat because I'm unhappy, and I'm unhappy because I eat. It's a vicious cycle."  

I think that's a relatable comment for many, including my husband. 
He was becoming frustrated.   He started losing hope. 
Then, it hit me!  What if we tried changing up what we were doing completely.   What if we did a complete 180?   What if we went against what they said worked and tried something new?   

So... we tried it.   

It worked!  The fat melted away so quickly, 
without going to the gym, without taking anything, without spending money on gimmicks that wouldn't work.  

Within 7 days, he had lost six pounds.    By week two... he was down 12 pounds. 

Within 6 weeks, he was down 25 pounds!  

In 8 weeks, he was down 30 pounds!  

When he reached his goal weight, he was able to stay there.  

Two years later... he has kept the weight off by using this technique.   

We knew we needed to share what we had learned. 

We Tested It with Others...  and saw the same success! 

They all reached their goals...  and felt hAPPIER & MORE CONFIDENT! 
What does your success look like?   What will your life will be like when
you have the same outcome and reach your goal weight?   

How will you feel when you are HEALTHIER and have MORE ENERGY?    

What will you wear when you REACH YOUR GOAL SIZE and you begin to love the way that you look in every outfit you try on?  
Imagine Feeling Confident Again.  
Having Energy.  Looking forward to getting dressed.
Feeling your Best and Looking your best.  

Imagine how HAPPY you will be because you have taken care of yourself. 
And More!
Now You can have the same outcome without.....
Feeling Discouraged...
Not knowing Where to begin...
Giving up all of your time
It's working for Everyone! 
It works to help you lose those last 5 pounds or those first 100 pounds.  No matter how much you want to lose...
We've seen the results and they are amazing! 

It is the easiest solution you'll ever find. 
We tell you exactly what to do.  We show you exactly why to do it.  We leave nothing in the air.  

Our goal is to help you and we can do that by giving you EVERYTHING that we have. 
You Have support! 
The private support group is a huge part of the journey.   We encourage one another, support one another and build each other up.   

Ask questions, get answers, share recipes and more with our online private support group. 
You will be the person you were meant to be.   
introducing Your Modern Family's Program: 
Lose Weight, Gain Energy is a Weight-Loss Program designed to shedding unwanted fat quicker than you thought possible. 
This is a 6 week program designed to help you shed the fat FAST so you can see results QUICKLY.  When your 6 weeks are up, you will continue to BURN fat and build muscle.  Your energy will go UP and the fat will go DOWN.   

This program is focused on getting rid of fat and becoming the LEAN and HEALTHY person you want to be! 

What's included in
Lose Weight, Gain Energy?
What to eat
Learn how to stock your kitchen to lose weight!  Not sure what to buy when you go to the store?  We will tell you exactly what you need to buy and what you need to eat. 
Meal Plans & Recipes
You will learn what to make, what to eat every single day, and more.  We give you our daily food journal and our recipes.  
how to time it 
Losing weight doesn't have to be time consuming.  We break it down so you know exactly when to do which step.  There are specific things that people overlook (about timing) that are KEY to losing weight.  
Friends for support! 
Don't do it alone!  Connect in our private group with others just like you!  Give and get support, be inspired, find ideas & more. 
how to LOSE FAT fast
Every time I hear someone say that it takes so long to lose weight, I want to tell them to do this program.  It doesn't have to take long.  Our system gets the fat off of your FAST so you can start learning how to live your best life WITHOUT feeling held back by anything! 
how to reach your goals and stay there for lIFE
Time and time again the best thing that I hear about this program is that it helped them to lose the weight fast, but even better is it taught them the real way to keep it off for good! 
It's time to
LOSE weight... GAIN energy 
Lose Weight, Gain Energy Program
$39 $29
     Grab the offer while it lasts! 

Billed one time, no set up fee, no reoccurring fees. 
Week by Week Plan
Weekly Grocery List
Meal Planning Solutions
Menu Plans 
Private Support Group 
Training Videos 
Printable Tools to keep with you at all time 
A FOREVER plan so you'll never gain the weight back! 
Are you ready to join?  

This program is designed to help YOU
you don’t have to just take our word for it...
They are LOSING weight, SLEEPING better, GAINING energy and their confidence is sOARING! 
You will reach your goal! 
You will lose the weight! 
you will do it QUICKLY!  
Money-Back guarantee
if You are not 100% satisfied.
Your Modern Family Return/Refund Policy: 
We strongly believe in our services and want you to be fully satisfied with your membership with us. For this reason, we offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.
If you cancel your monthly membership subscription within 7 days of signing up (during the free experience period), you will not incur any fees associated with the membership. 
100% Satisfaction Guarantee: 
If you do not satisfied, simply send an email to and we will be happy to refund your initial membership fee if the conditions below are met.
100% Satisfaction Guarantee Conditions:
The satisfaction guarantee is not your "excuse" to not try.  I know, it's a little harsh, but we fully believe that if when you invest in yourself, financially, you are more likely to use the investment.  You are more likely to use the tools and support given to you.   We have developed this program to help you get the life you want.   It starts with YOUR decision to make yourself a priority.   

To be considered for a refund, you must submit your request within 7 days of enrollment in this program. To request a refund, please email Once the refund request is approved, in all cases, refunds will be made ONLY via the original form of payment.  It may take up to a week to refund the purchase. Please note that it may take up to two (2) billing cycles for the refund credit to appear on your statement. 
Are you ready to Start Losing Weight? 
Lose Weight, Gain Energy Program
$39 $29
Billed one time, no set up fee, no reoccurring fees. 
Week by Week Plan
Weekly Grocery List
Meal Planning Solutions
Menu Plans 
Private Support Group 
Training Videos 
Printable Tools to keep with you at all time 
A "forever" plan once you finish the weight-loss portion! 
Limited Time Kitchen Declutter Bundle
It's your turn!  Do this for YOU!  Become who you want to be!   Men and women just like you are using this program and losing weight fast!   

You see results quickly so you are more likely to stick with it. 

When you are excited about results so soon.. you have more determination to keep going!    You will learn How to fuel your body with food that works WITH your body, not against it.

I am so excited for you!  You deserve this! 

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