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Are You Ready To Have Your Child Out Of Diapers And Into Underwear By Monday?  
You've heard of potty training in a weekend and we want to show you how it's actually possible and why your child will think it's the best thing ever!  
If there was a fun and a pain-free method to potty train your child without tears or frustration, and without the “What a nightmare!” sentiment echoed around the house…
Would you finally feel confident to achieve this important milestone in parenthood? 

➣ Would you be ready to potty train your "happy in diapers" child?

➣ Would you attempt potty training (even if you've tried before & were unsuccessful?) 

➣ Would you devote three days to getting your child out of diapers and into underwear?
Would you let me show you how I've helped countless families who’ve heeded my advice?
In this area, you want to get your reader's attention by identifying with their problem. 
* What is their pain? 
* What are they suffering from?
* Point out their symptoms
* Do they feel this way?
* Read their minds
* Identify with struggles
…... I'm Becky Mansfield, mom of four 
I am a teacher turned developmental play therapist.  I am also the founder of Your Modern Family and author of the bestselling book, Potty Train in a Weekend.  
I was where you are….
…. When our oldest son was almost two, the questions started coming... "Is he potty trained yet?"    

On the same day, my friend (with a 3-year-old) called and said "Ugh! I've tried to train her three times so far!  I'll do whatever works, so keep me posted!" 
If you are in that situation, keep reading….
I did what anyone would do... I called my grandma.  hahaha!  As a fellow mom of four, she told me exactly how to get it done quickly and without stress.   I followed her advice, tweaked it a bit and became the mom of a potty-trained child 2 days later. 

Three days after that... my friend had a potty trained daughter. ;) 
Since then, I've trained nieces, nephews, & kids of my friends. 
If I could do it with 4 kids under the age of six...  you can, too! 
Most people are surprised when I tell them how easily I've potty trained our kids, but the truth is that it doesn't have to be as stressful as we imagine it.   

We don't have to let potty training drag on (which often leads to us saying "we'll try it another time").   

I'm here to show you exactly what to do. 
This is where you keep twisting the knife...
when they try to solve the problem, things get worse.
More obstacles rise up.
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Talk about the lack of time, the lack of money, the lack of knowledge.
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Paint a very bleak picture and identify that You too were once in this very position.
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Here’s why putting off potty training costs you more than
the Amazon Prime member savings on your monthly supply of diapers and wipes
While children used to be potty trained by the age of TWO YEARS OLD...

Studies Show that an increasing number of toddlers do not master basic toilet training skills until they are older than THREE-YEARS-OLD (or as late as 4 or 5 in most cases)….
 What does waiting even longer mean for YOU and YOUR child? 
Every Day Matters.  The longer you put off potty training... the harder it is going to be for your child.   
They grow accustomed to the habit of going in their diaper. 
They often have  increased diaper rash incidents which involves discomfort and pain.

They’re more likely to resist and challenge mom’s and dad’s authority, making it overall harder to get out of diapers and grow (inordinately) reliant on you, the parent.  

Should you potty train your child this week? 
Hint:  If YOU are ready with a plan of action, then you will have huge success! 
….. if your child is at least 18 months old,

and If the thought of spending $100s each month on diapers, wipes, diaper rash creams, and diaper pail refills is financially draining you…
…. Your past attempts at potty training led to energy drains, frustration and made you dread potty training altogether….
Then keep reading….
Because what follows could EASILY be the most pivotal moment you look back on a week from now when you see your child confidently use the potty, make you beam with pride and proud of your ‘quick and effective potty training’ decision.

But First…
Here’s why Potty Training gets a bad rap
In the past your experience with potty training may have looked like this:

You decide to potty train your toddler or preschooler, because you want him to be independent and confident. And pocket those savings!

You learned that many of your friends have been successful at it.

So, you think of trying it.…

Mentally prepare yourself for the upcoming challenge and let your
mind chatter shut down all negativity.

The day arrives and you’re ready to channel your inner Mary Poppins - full of enthusiasm and encouragement.

Primed to be THE mom that other moms talk about with envy — instead of the one who opts to delay the training until “her toddler’s ready.”

Buuuuut…. things take a downturn.

After 12 hours, soiled underwear, and getting on your knees for the umpteenth time to clean a puddle of pee on the kitchen floor…

Your #miraclemornings have turned into #middaymeltdowns

“I’ll try again next month.”

And with renewed optimism you dive into attempt # 2 (read: few weeks or months later)....

…. However, it’s a repeat of the first attempt with double the mess and frustration….

…. Your determination gradually replaced with diffidence….

… With these thoughts racing in your head:

“I don’t want to force him,”
“He’s not ready yet,"
“If he’s resisting… will just make it worse,”
“I should just wait…..let him be a baby. What’s the hurry?”
The result?

The decision to wait for the magic moment when your child is ‘100% ready’. 

Yet you can’t help but think….

About the families who potty train their children without the stress and exhaustion - in a matter of days and not months!

Which begs the question….
Why is potty training relatively easy, painless, and nothing more than a blip on the parental radar for these parents but a never-ending struggle for the rest?
Before you can understand the difference (s), you must first get intimate with:
The 5 Not-So-Great Reasons That Keep Your Toddlers In Diapers & Discomfort - Even if They’re READY to Get Out Of Them.

Reason # 1: Outdated potty training methods.
In past generations, most American children were out of diapers by 18 months.
Today, many kids don’t master basic toilet training skills until they are almost 3 -4 years old.  
In the 1920s and 1930s, parents would impose a rigid toilet training regimen using coercive techniques on children before they could walk. 

And from here stemmed this (mis)belief, perpetuated by diaper manufacturers and child psychologists that early potty training causes behavioral problems.

The good news? This belief is not supported by any evidence (thank goodness!)
Toddlers don’t face ANY psychological risk if potty trained early, EVEN when you start around the age of 18 or 20 months. In fact, it gives them a sense of accomplishment, pride, and self-confidence. 
What you need to know: Your choice of ‘when you potty train’ or how quickly you potty train is unlikely to cause behavior/physiological/psychological problems.
It’s the ‘how you potty train’ you have to pay special attention to! (more on this, coming up!).
Potty training doesn’t have to be a joyless, rigid and stressful experience for the parent and child. It’s an opportunity to create a lifelong happy memory albeit with a few moments of sanity loss sprinkled (I never said it would be easy!)

Reason # 2: Dependence on pull-ups or toilet training pants
Although, pull-ups or toilet training pants are touted as ‘one step away from 100% potty trained and independence’, that couldn’t be farther from the truth.
Aside from making diaper manufacturers rich, the pull-up is critically responsible for hindering potty training.  

Here’s why:
  • ​Kids can become just as dependent on pull-ups as they are on diapers. They don’t feel the difference! Pull-ups prevent your child from having that wet, uncomfortable feeling against his skin if he pees in his underwear, so why would he stop doing it?
  • ​Wearing pull-ups confuses a child who’s undergoing potty training. What a lot of moms do, is to put their children in pull-ups, but tell them to use the potty instead of going in the pull-up. It would be like someone gives you a candy bar, but tells you to eat healthy. 
What you need to know: Pull-ups are like training wheels. They're comforting to have but won't really teach you to ride a bike. It’s time to buck up, remove the training wheels and devote time to this major milestone in your child’s life.

Reason # 3: “My child isn’t ‘ready’ yet”
The “readiness” approach was introduced in the 1960s and remains widely accepted today, especially in the Western world.  

It means parents delay potty training until their child is ‘ready’.

Often parents think they’ve missed the window of opportunity (to spot ‘toilet readiness signs’) and then delay the process until it’s something they can‘t put off any longer.”

I get it. Potty training often gets labeled as not the most joyous task in parenthood. But it is MUCH easier (and FUN) to potty train your child when you have a clear plan.

In fact, many problems arise from delayed potty training when children become more opinionated, such as
Getting less enthusiastic about changing their toilet habits, more resistant, and likely to challenge mom’s and dad’s authority.

✅Ignoring their body signals (bladder and bowel) because “going in the diaper” doesn’t require much of awareness.

✅Growing accustomed to the comfortable, lazy habit of pooping in the diaper which doesn’t require them to stop playing or interrupting screen time. 

✅What you need to know: Most of the ‘toilet readiness signs’ can be easily spotted when you know what to look for. If your child displays these, then you shouldn’t hold off potty training.
The debate of when to start potty training has MUCH more to do with parental readiness than that of a child’s maturation. 

It’s time to have an honest conversation with yourself: 
 “Are YOU ready?”

Reason # 4: Regression
Just when you thought you could celebrate the accomplishment of a diaper free home - the bliss became short lived. 

The accidents started: at nap time, in the car, at school. Everywhere. 

And you found yourself back in the diaper aisle, rummaging through the shelves of different diaper brands.

Regression is nothing to worry about or use as a reason to put your child back in diapers. 

What you need to know: Regression is common and normal. 

As a parent, you need to understand the reasons for regression and work through them. Consistency is the name of the game.

Don’t miss the opportunity to tell your child you expect them to resume heading to the potty and having clean undies. 

Let them know they can do this!

Reason # 5: You don’t want to be labeled as the Type A/Tiger Parent/Momzilla
The last thing you want is to be labeled by your friends and family. 

Especially if it’s not flattering...

And particularly if they’re not supportive of achieving this important milestone in 3 days.

But I know I wasn’t (am not) that parent. And nor are you.

I don’t believe in “forcing” kids to do anything. And potty training in 3 days isn’t one of those things by a mile. Especially the way I teach it.

However, I must qualify, that crucial life skills (i.e. sleeping, potty training, teaching them table manners etc.) need to be taught.

And the truth is…. most parents confuse quick and effective potty training with pressure, because they’re not equipped with the tools, strategies, and language to meet the child where they she is developmentally.
WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW:  A 3-Day potty training process doesn’t make you a Momzilla/Dadzilla. It makes you mindful and vested in your child’s developmental milestones.   

The Good News is….. 
Potty training your child in 3 days is 100% possible.
The Remedy to all of it... 
 Potty Train YOUR CHILD in ONE Weekend 
Potty Training in 3 Days is the perfect solution, when done correctly...
Don't worry...  I'll tell you exactly what to do.
Potty Train In A Weekend eBook bundle!
The Complete Guide to Potty Train Your Child In 3 Days
Get ready to kiss diapers, pullups & wipes goodbye!

This ebook is perfect for any parent who wants to get their child out of diapers and into the big girl/big boy underwear in 3 days using a fun-loving approach - sans pullups!  

Get ready to do the *happy dance* when you implement this specific and proven 3-day blueprint that has helped over 10,000 families to potty train their toddlers!
Over 10,000 moms have already downloaded this #1 best selling potty training book.
Here's what they have to say!
"I started training my son using your method -- he picked it up SO quickly! It's now Tuesday and he hasn't had an accident since Friday! I NEVER expected it to be this quick!!" - Lisa Colton
"You saw every hurdle that would come and I was prepared for each and every one of them. The key to success is being prepared, you know. My biggest THANKS!" - Mary Huffman
"This book was so helpful to my grandson and I. He is two years old and afraid to go poop in the potty! I tried your suggestions and they worked. He is now fully potty trained. " - Rita Johnson
"I just had to write to tell you THANK YOU! Our 22 month old is now COMPLETELY trained! He is trained after the first day of doing what you suggest in your book. My parents are completely shocked! Thank you, from the bottom of my heart!" - Mary Ling
Here’s the No Nonsense, Super practical Advice & Action Steps In This E-Book:  
  • How to train your toddler when you are NOT home - yes it’s possible!
  • How to handle potty training hurdles like why your child will pee on the potty but won’t poop.
  • How to potty train if you have a special needs child.
  • How other parents (and grandparents) have used these strategies and added their own twist for success.
  • The signs to look for ‘toilet training readiness’ 
  • When you SHOULDN’T potty train your toddler (there are certain times when it’s not suggested to begin potty training).
  • How to night train your child.
  • ​My specific 3-day plan (broken down day by day... and step by step) to ensure potty training success.
  • The critical elements you need in place BEFORE you implement the 3 day plan.
  • How to teach your child to *tell* you she needs to go, even if she can’t talk.
  • What to do if your perfectly potty trained child regresses.
  • “How should I potty train a boy?” - Learn what method works best, sitting or standing.
And so much more…..
when you Potty Train in a weekend, you’ll finally….
Circle a specific date
 and write ‘Freedom!!!’ on your kitchen calendar.
Then cheer with delight
 “No more diapers”

Break free
from the power struggles with your toddler or preschooler or 
avoid them completely.

Eagerly enroll 
your child in the preschool of your choice without deferring her admission until the next academic year due to potty training issues. 
Say goodbye to the wipes,
diaper rash creams, and diaper pail refill bags.  Go straight from diapers to underwear. 
Promote your child’s social skills,
boost their self-confidence and level of independence.

this weekend.   This will be a time that you will both remember as you encourage your child and cheer together. 
Travel with relief and ease,
knowing you don’t have to look for a diaper changing station or carry a diaper bag.
Stop worrying
about diaper rashes, infections, or finding the "perfect time" to potty train.
the wonderful new stage of life that you helped your child to enter into without stress or tears, but with joy and pride. 
Yes, these outcomes are totally within reach for you, whether:

  • You’re a single parent or a co-parent.
  • Have one child or multiple children.
  • This is your 1st or 3rd attempt at potty training.
  • You’re a stay-at-home mom or dad.
  • You’re working 50 hours a week while simultaneously holding down the household.
  • Your child is 18 months or over 3 years old
….. In 3 days, your child will be potty trained if you use this approach ....  

An approach that:
✔Creates a special bonding experience with your toddler and sets the tone for a positive learning opportunity - minus the tears.

✔Doesn’t have you do some irreparable, long-lasting damage to your child’s fragile psyche if you don’t remain patient while she tries to navigate her way to, and around, a toilet.

✔Doesn’t need a SWAT team of nannies, child psychologists and well-intentioned family members ready to offer unsolicited advice to pull it off.

✔Has helped over thousands of families train their children too!

And now this approach can help you too!
Get the “Potty Train In A Weekend,” Ebook for 
*Drum Roll please*
An Unbelievable Price of
And that’s not all….

When you purchase “Potty Train In A Weekend” today you also get a special bonus so you can accelerate your success
FREE access to Potty Train In A Weekend private Facebook Group
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It takes a village to raise a child.

This active and a highly curated community of loving and supportive members are in the deep trenches and ready to stand by you.

Get unstuck, motivated, your questions answered and create lifelong friendships with other moms on the same journey just like you.

Turn isolation into inspiration and stress into success.
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Questions Other Moms, Dads & Grandparents Asked
Before Buying the
Potty Training In A Weekend E-Book
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I hear you!

I wish our kids would get up one fine morning and ‘get’ what it means to be toilet trained. But like every life skill acquisition- this one takes time too. It’s our responsibility as parents to teach our children this important life skill.

I invite you focus your thoughts on how much fun it will be to guide your child to use the toilet.

Make no mistake; it takes time, energy, patience and 100% of your presence. 
But the payoff is priceless. 

The three days with your child will not only get her to use the toilet but will deepen and strengthen your relationship with him and/or her. 

Plus, they’ll think of you as the ‘fun’ parent and will be open to future parent-child adventures instead of resistant.
Aside from supporting and encouraging the child’s development, potty training in 3 days has the following benefits:
  • Saves money: Parents of a two-year-old may spend $100s per month on diapers, wipes, diaper creams and diaper refill bags.
  • ​It provides more flexibility in choosing a daycare or preschool, and one less thing to worry about (like how frequently do children get changed at this daycare).
  • Ecological incentive: It takes over 500 years for the common “Disposable Diaper” to actually get consumed. I’m not trying to make you feel guilty, but I think we have a collective responsibility to leave a better world behind for our children. If parents started potty training sooner (one that takes days instead of months), we’d instantly reduce the environmental impact by half.
  • ​Avoid or reduce ‘power struggles’: The longer we drag on the potty training process, the more likely they are to resist and challenge mom’s and dad’s authority.
That’s awesome! 

Just click on any of the pink buttons on this page and it will take you to the quick and secure checkout page. Enter your payment information and voila, the ebook is ready to be downloaded. 
Who This E-Book Is Perfect for
It’s a perfect fit for you if you:
✔Are committed to the process.

✔See this as an opportunity to *bond* with your child and make it a precious memory instead of a stress-filled item you have to check off on your list.

✔Understand that it will take love, patience and energy packed into those 72 hours when it’s just you and your child.

✔Are at the diaper aisle and want it to be the LAST time.

✔Want it at a no-brainer price of $9.99 plus the support of a private Facebook community to help you every step of the way. - All Rights Reserved - Terms & Conditions
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